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Email us at voiceforchildren@ocyapei.ca


When are you open? 

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  
We are closed in the evenings and on the weekends, and for holidays.

All emails to the Office are important and we will return emails during regular business hours. You may also leave a voicemail message after hours which will be returned during regular business hours. Our number is      902-368-5630

 It is important to know that our Office does not investigate reports of child abuse or neglect. If you are concerned that a child or youth is being abused or neglected, you are required to call Child Protection Services: 

           Business Hours at: 1-877-341-3101       After Hours at: 1-800-341-6868

What does the Child and Youth Advocate do?

  • Listens to children and youth and helps to have your voice heard and taken seriously 
  • Helps connect children, youth and families to programs and services
  • Works with families, professionals, communities, and government to protect and promote your rights
  • Makes recommendations and reports about important matters for children and youth

What is something you might want to talk about?

It could be your experience with:

  • Adoption Services
  • Child Protection Services
  • Early Childhood Development and Child Care
  • Education Programs and Services
  • Health, Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Justice Services
  • Social Assistance programs and services 
  • Other community organizations with government funded reviewable programs and services 

Who can contact the Child and Youth Advocate?

Anyone. You do not need anyone to say you can, or have someone make a referral.  
We are friendly and respectful. Anyone is welcome to bring a support person to any meeting with us. 

Does a parent have to consent for a child or youth to talk to us?

No. Children and youth have a right to talk to the Child and Youth Advocate privately. 

We want everyone to be safe. If a child or youth talks about being hurt by anyone or talks about hurting themselves, we do contact other helpers and services. 

Is the name of the person contacting the Child and Youth Advocate protected?

Yes. The name of any person contacting us is confidential. 

What happens when someone contacts the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate?

We will ask:

  • the reason for the call
  • what is happening 
  • what is the concern 
  • how we can contact you
  • what, if any, other helpers may be involved 
  • what you are hoping the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate can do

Don't have an e-mail account to contact us with? 

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